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Ministries: Pastoral Care

As followers of Jesus Christ gathered at St. Christopher's, we take joyfully and seriously His charge to "love your neighbor as yourselves." Through a variety of ministries, formal and informal, when we learn there is a need, we do what we can to be Christ’s hands and feet.


A pastoral care need can range from requesting 

  • a visit in the hospital before or after surgery or

  • a home communion visit because you are unable to attend church to

  • prayer in a difficult time to

  • someone to lend a listening ear when discerning a weighty matter.


Pastoral Care at St. Christopher's is a shared ministry of both the clergy and lay individuals. Betty Roddy helps oversee responses to pastoral care needs of the congregation. She has been trained as a Eucharistic Visitors and coordinates training others. She usually also carries Communion to those who are unable to join in communal worship during the week. Clergy Pastoral Care is conducted by Pastor Sandy Chilese.


We have now expanded our care team and many experienced Home Communion Visitors, are ready to listen and pray with you. Please contact the church office for any Pastoral Care need and someone will contact you to coordinate with a team member.

Our Caring Ministires also include our:

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