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 Bishop's Vicar          Deacon Perry Pauley
Sr Warden                Beth Mayhew
Jr Warden                 Bill Lynn
Clerk                         Diane Plein
Treasurer                  Jane Cooley
Finance Chair           Mona Guarino

Vestry Members

2018-2021     Killy Balabanis, Jane Meyers

2019-2022     John Card, Mona Guarino, Ana Martinez, Bill Masters, Frank Schlichting

2020-2023     Tim Murray

Members should contact the office for the Ministry Leader Contact List for current phone numbers and email addresses or check the online directory for phone numbers.

Ministry Leaders

Adult Education
      Barbara Fabre
      Killy Balabanis (Men’s Bible Study)

      Amy Schultz (Advent / Lenten Bible Studies)

Ads / Press / Sign       Clive Chancey
Altar Guild                   Beth Mayhew & Betty Roddy

Altar Servers               Patty Emanuelson
Bargains Galore          Carol & Bill Masters
Book Shelf                   Jane Meyers
Can Recycling             Bill Masters
Cards & Calls              Barbara Kimball
Choir                            Don Palm

Christopher Singers   Joanne David
Coffee Hour                 Frieda Spann &

                                     Anna Van Scotter
Columbarium               Marty Conner
Contribution Tracking  Tim Murray
Counters                      Tim Murray

Hospitality                   Anna van Scoter

Lay Eucharistic

Ministry (LEM)             Betty Roddy
Men’s Club                   Killy Balabanis
Music Director              Don Palm
Newsletter                    Doreen Rohrer
Outreach                      Hugh Duncan & Jane Meyers

Prayer Concerns         Judy Schneider

Parish Administrator   Doreen Rohrer

Prayer Shawls             Barbara Fabre
Sexton                         Arturo Jaramillo
Social Media               Judy Schneider
Stewardship                Beth Mayhew & Mona Guarino

Ushers                         Frank Schlichting
UTO                             Sue Schlichting  

Verger                         Patty Emanuelson

Web Site                     Mona Guarino

Welcome Ministry      Marty Conner

Women's Club            Betty Roddy

Finance Committee

    Chair: Mona Guarino

    Members: Rev Perry Pauley (Dn), Beth Mayhew (Sr Warden), Bill Lynn (Jr Warden), Jane Cooley (Treasurer), Bill Masters (Vestry), Wilma Hammond (Lay), Judy Schneider (Lay)

Buildings & Grounds Committee

    Chair: Jane Meyers

    Members: Rev Perry Pauley (Dn), Beth Mayhew (Sr Warden), Bill Lynn (Jr Warden), Jane Cooley (Treasurer), Mona Guarino (Finance Chair), Ruthie Bracher, (Lay), Clive Chancey (Lay)

Outreach Committee Members:

    Killy Balabanis, John Card, Hugh Duncan, Mona Guarino, Jane Meyers, Lilly Murray, Amy Schultz, Anna van Scoter 

Deacon Mask

Zoom Service Times:

  Sun — 10:00 am Ante-Communion in English
          — 11:30 am Ante-Comunión en Español
  Wed — 10:15 am Morning Prayer
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