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Transition: The Vestry's Charge

February 14, 2021

Charge to the Search Committee from the Vestry:

  1. Be prayerful in all things as you fulfill this important task, seeking God’s guidance and listening for His direction.

  2. Gather parish information and create a high quality and true profile.

  3. Submit to the vestry at most three names including strengths and weaknesses of each candidate any of whom the committee could support as rector.


Charge to the Search Committee Members from the Vestry:


  1. All Members of the committee must agree to support the consensus of the committee.

  2. All Members must agree to work for the good of the whole congregation and not represent individuals or any faction, putting the needs of the whole parish over any personal preferences.

  3. All search committee members and all members of the vestry will sign the confidentiality agreement provided by the vestry. Shared E-mails outside of the Search Committee are not permitted.

  4. All members must agree to adhere to the process laid out in Assessing Skills and Discerning Calls - Appreciative Inquiry Edition. We agree to work collaboratively and expediently under the guidance and direction of Canon Frank Clark (our search consultant), Canon Anita Braden (Canon to the Ordinary and Diocesan Deployment Officer), and Beth Mayhew & Mona Guarino (Search Committee Co-Chairs named by the Vestry). 

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