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Stewardship is not just about the fall giving campaign! Annual giving funds the operating budget for our mission and ministries, but, it is not our ONLY giving opportunity. God calls each of us to share of our time, talent, and treasure. At St. Christopher’s, there are five different types of giving back and of supporting the broad range of our mission and ministries. Annual giving, time and talent, and occasional support shorter term needs. Both capital and planned or legacy giving support longer term needs.


Annual Giving or ordinary giving

is the regular practice of returning to God a portion of all that God has given us. It involves teaching ourselves how to create a life built upon the notion that all that we have is a gift from God. Pledging each year is the most direct way most of us engage in stewardship.

Time and Talent Giving

is sharing of ourselves in a non-financial way. We are each uniquely gifted and talented. God calls each of us to share these gifts.

Capital Campaign Giving or Extraordinary Giving

involves the special occasions that arise in the life of Christian communities that call us to give beyond our ordinary habit.

Planned or Legacy Giving is the ultimate stewardship.

This is end-of-life planning.

Occasional Giving is additional, unplanned giving.

These are gifts given in honor or memory of someone or something exceptional that has happened in our lives.

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